My Gear


  • Ibanez 2460 – 1976 (L-5 copy, lawsuit era) – I recently got this guitar, and it still needs some work (intonation, electric, bridge, etc.). I have been wanting a spruce-top archtop guitar for a while, and I’m excited to gig with this one. Mono Classic Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case, Black
  • Gibson ES-175 Reissue Single PU/VS 2010 – This has been my main instrument since 2011. I found it at WALKiN’ in Tokyo. It has Kent Armstrong’s hand-wound P-90 and has been used on my albums Edwards Ln and live gigs in Sapporo and the NYC area.Reunion Blues Continental Dreadnought – Midnight Series
  • Gibson ES-335 Dot 1995 – Reunion Blues


Gears I used in the past

  • DV Mark Jazz Little amp – This is my portable amp when I commute with public transportation.