Unveiling the Origins: The Fascinating Story Behind the First-Ever Bottled Green Tea, おーいお茶!

Did you know this green tea is actually the very first bottled and canned green tea in history?

Back in 1989, Japanese tea company 伊藤園 (Ito En) introduced the world to おーいお茶, the very first bottled and canned green tea! 🎉 I can still vividly recall the iconic TV commercial that made waves. I used to think, ‘Who’d buy bottled green tea when you can make it at home?’ 🤔

But here’s the genius behind it: Japan was in the midst of its Convenience store boom, and vending machines were popping up everywhere. Inspired by these trends, Ito En decided to make green tea easily accessible, even inside Japanese trains and with ekiben! 🚆 Their strategy of pairing green tea with Konbini Bento perfectly catered to the market’s needs.

So, every time you enjoy your おーいお茶, remember, you’re sipping on a piece of history! Cheers to the first-ever bottled green tea! 🌱✨